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Let's Get Aquainted


A Northern California gal, M. K. Theodoratus has been intrigued by fantasy since she discovered comic books and the land of Oz. Some of her early favorites were A. Merritt, Andre Norton, Catherine L. Moore, and Fritz Lieber. She has traveled through many fantasy worlds since then. Now she enjoys reading Lee Child, Patricia Briggs, Sharyn McCrumb, Neil Gaiman, and Carol O'Connell among others.

When she's not disappearing into other writer's worlds, she's creating her own alternative worlds -- that of Andor where demons prey and that of the Far Isle Half-Elven where she explores the social and political implications of genetic drift on a hybrid elf/human people. Magic and mayhem are her favorite topics.

She now lives in Colorado with her old man and two lap cats.

Stay in Touch

I know I should be writing a news letter, but I'm in the process of reorganizing things. I am gathering names for one, so you can leave your name and email. I'm trying to get to writing a timeline of my Andor stories as an incentive to sign up.

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